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For a more unique approach to online dating, check out This website is designed to give men the chance to correspond with beautiful single women from all over Asia. You can meet women from places like Cebu, Davao, Thailand, and more!

The dating site offers a searchable online profile database, allowing the women to describe themselves and explain what they are looking for in a man. This also allows men to explore the foreign women's profiles at their own pace. The correspondence will cost you a membership fee, but the amount of women's profiles on the site makes it well worth the money.

The best part about is that they also offer vacation tours, allowing men to travel to Asia to meet women they have been corresponding with. These tours include hotel stay, transportation, introduction socials, and unlimited introductions so the men can meet as many women as they want on their vacation.

If you are looking for a unique approach to dating that involves a bit more adventure, take some time to check out

Notable Features: Searchable Profiles, Large Database, Meet Women from Asia, Singles Tours


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