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Some dating sites are designed around proven methods of matching, and some are designed to feature a lot of options and profiles. is part of the ladder group, offering a solid approach to casual dating online. This dating site allows you to search through profiles, communicate with other members, create a personalized profile, and use other common online dating features. is not free, and will limit you until you become a paid member. You can sign up, create a profile, and search through other profiles, all for free. But if you want to see a detailed view of someone's profile you like, you will have to become a paid member. You will also need to pay to chat, send messages, and more.

The site offers some unique features, like an online magazine and a very well-designed member home page. They also offer a free toolbar for you to utilize the features at without actually needing to visit the website.

For a younger crowd looking to casually date online and meet some singles in their area, we would advise using one of the free dating sites. If you are a casual dater, but you want more reliability in your matches and features, check out a membership at

Notable Features: Online Magazine, Comprehensive Member Home Page, Searchable Profile Database, Free Toolbar


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