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To Avoid Scams Use A Foreign Affair

When you are considering an international dating company, you need to concern yourself with ways you can avoid internet scams, online dating tricks, or other methods that people can use to take advantage of you.

One of the first things you can do is pick the right agency. There are many to choose from, but there is a small number of them that truly go above and beyond to eliminate “mail order bride” scams. Possibly the most popular and trustworthy is A Foreign Affair. They have been around for over 17 years and have a fantastic reputation.

One main reason people assume an international dating agency is a scam is that they read the incredibly opinionated comments online from past clients who did not have a good experience. There are multiple issues with this. One, a man who goes on a tour and does not find success will not be very happy, especially if he feels he did experience the tour he was described. This means that many, many of the comments you read online about companies like AFA are simply from men who were unable to meet someone on their tour and feel frustrated. These comments are also a bad way to judge a mail order bride agency because people usually only take the time to write comments and reviews when they had a bad experience and want to somehow “get back” at the company by disrupting their brand image and telling others not to use them. The third reason is public perception. People, in general, do not approve of international dating, known better to them as “mail order bride” tours, and simply make negative comment about specific agencies instead of the industry itself.

You can also use the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to look at the track record of international dating companies. If you are interested in a international dating company but you cannot find them on BBB, you should probably move on. Companies like A Foreign Affair, with a record over 15 years long, still has an “A” rating and continues to satisfy its clients and solve any issues that arise.

The internet is full of ramblings from all walks of life, but it’s important to filter what you read and make sure you do the proper research before committing your extensive time and money to an international dating tour company. If you would like to check out A Foreign Affair’s website and tour information, visit You will also find their anti-scam policies posted on their website, as well as many videos featuring the president and vice president discussing this issue head on.

Do your research, be smart, be safe, and have a fantastic tour!

International Dating Webcast

International Dating Webcast

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Call in live! If you would like to call in to the webcast with questions or comments, please dial 1-404-920-6610, then enter conference code 935905# (don't forget the # sign!). For more information on international dating with A Foreign Affair, the world's #1 international dating agency, please call us at (602) 553-8178 or visit

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