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Having started out as a simple Facebook application, Zoosk has grown into one of the most popular dating sites online. Because it fully integrates social media as well as smartphones and other technology, the millions of Zoosk users can communicate with each other no matter where they are.

Because has such a significant connection to Facebook, millions of Facebook users are members. They can log into Zoosk directly from Facebook, and it even pulls information from their Facebook Profiles to make things quicker and easier.

Zoosk is not a free site, but it will allow you to utilize the many forms of technology and social media platforms we use today. Zoosk definitely has a younger edge to it, attracting younger users than other dating sites. Although it doesn't give you as many features as other paid dating sites, Zoosk will let you explore the world of online dating even when you're walking down the street.

Top Features: Facebook Integration, Mobile Access, 50 Million Profiles

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