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National Geographic Bachelors Abroad

Dating internationally is not an every-day idea for most Americans, and a lot of people are surprised to hear that many singles meet this way. But one new reality show from National Geographic is aiming to change the public perception of “Mail Order Brides” and show the truth behind international romance tours. The show is called “Bachelors Abroad” and offers an inside look at international dating.

The first episode introduces John Adams, president and co-founder of A Foreign Affair International Dating. It’s obvious from the start that Mr. Adams has been doing this for a long time and knows exactly what to say at the right time. Helping to coach some of the clients through their challenging moments is part of his job, and a major feature of “Bachelors Abroad.” John’s 15+ years of experience in the industry gives him insight into international relationships and allows him to help men and women to open up, let their guard down and really get to know one another.

The show focused on three American bachelors who, after dealing with dating hardships in the U.S., decided to try their luck in Ukraine. Bob was a college professor, was sixty-one years old, and had more energy that the other two bachelors combined. As one of the most outgoing of the group, Bob truly put himself out there and introduced himself to a lot of women. Bill, sixty-six years old with a bushy white beard, had been through two divorces and was ready to find the one he could spend the rest of his life with. Finally, Joe was a cop from Arizona. His four daughters made an appearance near the beginning of the show, offering their father some advice and good wishes. All three men had a different approach, and all three men experienced a different result in the end.

John Adams did a great job of explaining the process of A Foreign Affair, how men receive a free membership to the website when they sign up for a tour, and how different the experience is from the dating experience in the US. Not only would there be more women than man, but significantly more. John also explained to the bachelors that they should be ready; these women want to talk to them!

The true personalities of our three bachelors truly showed once they arrived at the first social. Joe walked around confidently, flashing his badge and looking for a woman who could truly complete his life. Although Joe seemed comfortable and confident starting conversations and getting to know different women, Bill was not finding the same confidence. Most of the scenes that depicted Bill featured him reminiscing about his previous marriages to the women at the social. Obviously, that didn’t appeal much to them and he didn’t make any strong connections there.

Bob, one of the most charismatic and energetic sixty-one-year-olds you will ever meet, was going to have a fantastic time whether he met the woman of his dreams or not. As we watched Bob walk up to table after table full of beautiful young women, we got the sense that Bob was a confident, fun-loving kind of guy. Whether or not that would translate into a serious, long-term relationship, we would have to wait to find out.

Another interesting aspect of the show was hearing the women from Ukraine describing the reasons why they were interested in international dating and possibly marrying someone from the US. They expressed the fact that many of the men in their home country had issues with substance abuse, infidelity, and the general family-oriented outlook on life, but also described their desire for a long-lasting, meaningful relationship.

It was quite interesting to watch the men date some of the Ukrainian women. As the women generally didn’t speak fluent English, they would need a translator to accompany them on the date. Bill was having a challenging time making a strong, natural connection with his dates, while Joe actually seemed to have a great time. Bob looked like he enjoyed himself on the shopping trip he took his date on until she wanted the dress that was just a little too expensive.

Overall, the bachelors featured in the episode were happy in the end, actually ready to pack up and go on the tour again! It’s hard to imagine that many men and women decide on marriage within a week or two of meeting one another, so it made sense that the bachelors planned to correspond with the women they met and made it clear that they would be travelling back to Ukraine sometime soon.

I would continue to watch Bachelors Abroad if it continued on the National Geographic Channel. I would like to see a different set of single men try to meet single women in a different country. If like-minded guys go on a tour to Latin America, is their experience going to be pretty similar or totally different? I would enjoy watching this show if it continued, especially if they explore different locations and situations.