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If You've Been Scammed
You are NOT Alone

You might have sent a hundred letters and never heard back from her. You might have sent her money for a plane ticket and never saw her again. Maybe all you did was sign up with a website before you realized you had been scammed.

Online dating scams are rampant these days. No matter what type of dating service you are using, the possibility of fraud is there. Dating is an open invitation for people to take advantage of others. It's not just online; the same thing happens when a woman caters to the needs of a man just for his money.

But online, there is more risk. Your credit card is on file, your personal information is submitted, and your human emotions are at the mercy of a website. We can't explain how hard it is to hear story after story of men who have been "taken" by these online scams. Men are often scammed for more than $10,000, depending on the type of fraud.

A If you have EVER experienced an online dating scam of any kind, please tell us at about your experience! Our goal is to stop the fraudulent practices in online dating to make it a safer, more inviting online environment. To do this, we need your help in spreading the word about fraudulent agencies that scam their clients.

If you have experience with an online dating scam, tell us about it here

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