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What to Look For With Scams And Fraud

There is no way to completely avoid online dating scams, the same way it's impossible to completely avoid scams in your every-day life. The key to a successful scam is that the victim does not suspect the scam. If you are currently dating online or plan to sometime in the future, look out of these common signs of online dating scams. Although you can never be immune from scams, you can definitely know what to look for when dating online. Next time you are suspicious, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is she currently working outside the country (Nigeria = Red Flag)
  • Has she asked you to send her money for any reason
  • Have you seen her on a different dating site
  • Have you seen her under a different name somewhere else
  • Does her writing style seem to change often
  • Does she try to avoid meeting you in person
  • Does the website provide contact information and clear pricing options
  • When talking to her, does it seem like she is aware of all the conversations and information you have exchanged previously
  • Does the website offer a history, statistics, BBB rating, testimonials, etc.?