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Our Kelleher International review begins with Kelleher International's reputation as one of the most sought after services in exclusive dating. For more than thirty years Kelleher International has set a certain standard in personalized matchmaking. Their "boutique" style of matchmaking creates a matchmaker, client collaberation which is truly unique.

Kelleher International Matchmakers ReviewKelleher International Matchmaking - The Beginning

Founder Jill Kelleher began the company in San Francisco and today Kelleher International is one of the largest privately owned matchmaking firms in the country. Her daughter Amber is now the CEO of Kelleher International and considered a driving light within the Kelleher Matchmaking influence - which is significant.

As a family owned and operated business, Kelleher International has offices in metropolitan areas nationwide, and selective clients across the globe.

Recognized by outstanding press year after year, and known for working hard for our clients, we continue to attract successful, affluent, educated singles who are passionate about their lives, and wish to be more proactive and discerning when it comes to finding their mate.

Kelleher International - The Process

Kelleher International approaches matchmaking very similarly to executive search firms that use personal headhunters to continuously network and recruit for their clients. In this way Kelleher International Matchmaking serves their exclusive clients with opportunities to meet exceptional men and women. Many of Kelleher International's team of matchmakers, relationship coaches, and other associates hold Masters Degrees and PHD's.

Kelleher International - Memberships

According to Amber Kelleher - Andrews states, "The more opportunities you have to meet quality individuals, the greater the probability of finding love." And the company can provide those opportunities by offering several membership options to its clients.

Kelleher International main offices are located in many romantic cities coast to coast, with successful satellite offices strategically placed in London, Stockholm, Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong.