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Selective Search  Top 10 Marriage Services

Men and women partner with Selective Search to find love. Their Clients are private professionals with demanding careers and personal lives who have found themselves single. While marriage is a goal for some Selective Search Clients, they all desire to find love within a committed, long-term relationship.

Their 87% success rate speaks for itself. But the stories of the thousands of couples who have found love and commitment through Selective Search speaks even louder.

Selective Search leverages the same structure and methodologies of an executive recruiter, through their Meet Your Future process, to help Clients find love in long-term, committed relationships. Although every search is customized based on each Client’s preferences in a match and relationship, the process is the same. Each Client is paired exclusively with their own Matchmakers and researchers.

Selective Search rigorously screens and conducts in-person interviews to ensure a genuine two-way fit. Every introduction is personally curated and evaluated for Selective Search Clients.