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John Adams CEO
A Foreign Affair

John Adams A Foreign Affair John Adams has been profiled by 60 Minutes, the Dr. Phil Show, Inside Edition, and many more national and international media outlets. As CEO of A Foreign Affair, his matchmaking efforts have been the inspiration behind major motion pictures, reality programs, newspapers, magazines, all from doing what he loves most - helping couples find one another.

John Adams often hosts International Dating Seminars where he offers his extensive experience and knowledge about dating women in foreign countries. John actually met his own wife, Tanya, during a visit to St. Petersburg Russia in 1998. His seminars are completely free and are held in cities across North America. Those who are interested should consult the Seminar Schedule on the A Foreign Affair website.

Co-founding the business with longtime friends Ken Agee and Ron Redburn in 1995, John takes a hands-on attitude and has repeatedly impressed the Dating and Matchmaking Industry with his concern for the success and well-being of the men and women he introduces. After more than twenty years in the business he still actually meets many of the men who take one of the AFA world famous romance tours to Ukraine, Latin America, or Asia.

John Adams and his wife TanyaYou would think twenty-plus years would wear out his enthusiasm about the benefits of international dating, but you can see it in his face; he still has a love for his job and the people he meets through it.

A Foreign Affair is the most transparent dating company in the world mainly because John repeatedly opens his doors to journalists, filmmakers, and academics, some of whom started out with skepticism, all of whom ended up impressed with both the company and the man.

One important reason for the success of John Adams is that AFA actually helps men and women meet the old-fashioned way – in person, which really is the point of the Dating Industry. Getting men and women together, face to face, is the only way to measure success.

In his own words:

"AFA is a full service International Introduction service. Our goal is to introduce men and women globally for the purpose of serious relationships and marriages.

We offer many different ways to do this, including simply writing letters and going over to meet the woman on your own. Or using any of the travel packages that we have such as group tours, or clubs, or the Executive Service to meet many different women in person to see where the best chemistry is.

We try to make the trips as enjoyable as possible while still being as efficient and effective as possible."

AFA Romance Tour in Kiev UkraineJohn Adams often helps facilitate AFA Romance Tours in Europe, Asia and Latin America. "The Romance Tours are probably our most popular service," John told us.

"Tours are a great way to meet a lot of women at once, and see who it is you have chemistry with. That is how I met my wife in 1998. The tours include two or three large socials, which are very nicely done so that everyone gets a chance to meet everyone. In addition to the socials we also have staff working with the clients during the entire duration, setting up dates and assisting them so they are constantly meeting women. Some of the men will write to the women first, Others will go and just meet women who they have not written to, or a combination of the two."

One thing is certain, John Adams is a busy man, and definitely one of the top players in the Dating Industry.