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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
CEO and Board Chairman

Mark Zuckerberg CEO and Board Chairman FacebookMark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Facebook, which he started in his Harvard University dorm room in 2004. Zuckerberg is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company. He leads the design of Facebook's service and development of its core technology and infrastructure. Mark studied computer science at Harvard University before moving the company to Palo Alto, California.

In 2019, Facebook Dating was launched in the US., giving Facebook users the ability to integrate their Instagram posts directly into their Facebook Dating profile and add Instagram followers to their Secret Crush lists, in addition to Facebook friends. By the end of the 2019, they will make it possible to add Facebook and Instagram Stories to Dating profiles.

Users can choose to opt into Facebook Dating and create a dating profile.Users must be 18 years or older and have downloaded the most recent version of Facebook. Users will be suggested to others who have also opted in. People are suggested based on their preferences, interests and other things they do on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg CEO speaking about Facebook DatingFacebook Dating isn’t about swiping or having to wait for someone to get a first chance at reaching out. If a user is interested in someone, they can comment directly on their profile or tap on the Like button to let them know. If they aren’t interested, they can pass on them.

Facebook Dating allows users to match with friends of friends or people who are not in their friend circle. Facebook Dating won’t match users with friends, unless they choose to use Secret Crush and both users add each other to their list. All Dating activity will stay in Facebook Dating. It won’t be shared to the rest of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg points to the dormitory at Harvard where Facebook was bornIn 2017, Mark Zuckerberg returned to Harvard University to give a graduation speech and receive an honorary degree. With his wife Priscilla in the audience, he pointed to the dormitory where he launched Facebook, and remarked that meeting her there was the best thing to happen to him at the university.