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International Dating Expert - John Adams

john adams, international dating expert As co-founder of A Foreign Affair, John G. Adams has over sixteen years of experience connecting single men and single women from around the world through online dating and international introductions. John Adams is the president of one of the largest international dating sites in the world,, giving him priceless experience and understanding of online dating and introductions. This experience puts him a step ahead of other experts and gives him the insight to successfully connect even the most frustrated singles. John has traveled all over the world, personally hosting romance tours and successfully introducing single men and women from all walks of life. For experience and expertise in online dating and international introductions, look no further than mail order bride expert John Adams.

John Adams graduated from Arizona State University in 1986 and received a Bachelor's of Science degree in business. There, he developed his passion and knowledge for running a business, leading him to exciting new ventures. John went on to successfully run three restaurants, as well as a real estate company, giving him the hands-on experience you can't get in school.
He still wanted to set his sights higher, so John and two close friends, Kenneth Agee and Ron Redburn, decided to create what would become one of the largest and most successful international marriage agencies in the world: A Foreign Affair.

What began as a local, bar-to-bar singles network eventually became A Foreign Affair, created when John and his partners discovered a lack of options for men who wanted to meet women from other parts of the world. From the idea that all people have the right to find love, A Foreign Affair was born in 1995, and it is now more successful than ever.

John Adams is the president and CEO of A Foreign Affair and has become an expert in the mail order brides industry with over sixteen years of experience. Not only has A Foreign Affair become the largest matchmaker for foreign singles on the planet, but it has grown to include sixteen company offices worldwide and a network of over 150 affiliate agencies. A Foreign Affair, and it's website, offer men the chance to view profiles of foreign single women, correspond with the women through mail, email, or telephone, and even travel to meet these women in their home towns through group and individual tours to exciting destinations around the world.

A Foreign Affair hosts tours every single month to places like Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. John Adams personally hosts many of these tours, providing his expertise and outlook on the mail order bride industry, international introductions, and the foreign destinations he has traveled to many times before. He is an expert when it comes to relationships involving American men and foreign women, explaining to AFA tour clients what to expect and what to avoid. John Adams has personally escorted hundreds of group romance tours and has attended over 300 introduction socials. This adds up to thousands of happy singles that met and found happiness through romance tours hosted by John G. Adams.

Since 1995, Mr. Adams has been hosting singles tours all over the world to places like Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Not only has John hosted hundreds of tours, but he even met his wife Tanya on one of A Foreign Affair's tours. Actually, all three co-founders of A Foreign Affair met their wives through the company. When John personally hosts A Foreign Affair tours, he provides assistance and advice to men who are venturing into new territory. He has dealt with every type of personality and has incredible insight into what makes a connection happen between single men and women. Hosting these tours all over the world for over 16 years gives him knowledge that you can't get from working in an office.

John Adams is not just a mail order brides expert and entrepreneur, but an advocate for success and safety within the mail order brides industry. Mr. Adams testified in front of the Washington State Senate on behalf of the International Introduction Legislation and actually aided in formulating legislation. John Adams formed a coalition of websites and provided his personal input to address important issues facing the International Introduction Industry. This includes the International Marriage Broker Act Regulation, one of the most significant influences on the mail order brides industry in recent history.

As one of the leading mail order bride experts in the world, John Adams has spent countless time spreading the word about international dating through media coverage and interviews. Many parts of the world, especially the United States, are still unaware of how international matchmaking works or how it is possible, but John Adams has gone a long way in solving that problem. Mr. Adams has hosted a weekly live telephone call-in forum for over five years, with 70 to 100 participants calling in and exchanging their questions and ideas about international dating. For the last two years, John Adams has also hosted a live webcast on Thursday nights, called "AFA Live," to address important and interesting issues regarding mail order brides and international introductions. John Adams also hosts around fifteen free seminars each year, all across the United States, giving men the opportunity to learn about the true potential of international dating.

Mr. Adams has been featured on many major media stations, television programs, and publications using his expert knowledge of mail order brides to spread the word about international introductions. John Adams has appeared on The Today Show, The Dr. Phil Show, 60 Minutes, WE TV, CNN, Inside Edition, The Maury Povich Show, MTV, the Discovery Channel, and news affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, A&E, and the BBC. John Adams and A Foreign Affair have been featured in Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg Newsweek, Maxim Magazine, Penthouse, Marie Claire, FHM Magazine, The Phoenix New Times, and more. John Adams has also discussed mail order brides and international dating on radio programs such as Loveline, BBC World Watch, and features on the MTV Networks and news affiliates from ABC, CBS, NBC, and even NPR. John Adams has discussed the mail order bride industry with the likes of Matt Lauer, Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, Adam Carolla, Maury Povich, Montel Williams, and Tyra Banks. John Adams even worked with filmmakers to create the Sundance selected film Two Brothers and a Bride (A Foreign Affair), which was based on his company A Foreign Affair, and starred Tim Blake Nelson, David Arquette and Emily Mortimer. He provided insight into the international dating industry, gave the filmmakers advice, and was also involved in the original screening of the film.

John Adams is currently working on expanding the reaches of A Foreign Affair to new parts of the world, opening new offices to connect more singles, and spreading the word about international dating. John Adams is one of the world's top experts in international online dating, mail order brides, and international introductions.