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The Money Order Scam

Today, the most common online dating scam involves cashing money orders. Most victims meet their scam artist in a chat room or on an online dating service . The scammer will act like they are romantically interested in their victim, telling them everything they want to hear and relating with them on a personal level. Depending on that individual scammer , this type of relationship can go on for weeks and even months.

The victim becomes comfortable with the scammer, believing the scammer cares about perusing a serious relationship. Sometimes, the victim will feel in love with the scammer. Then comes the bait. Whether the scammer explained it previously or suddenly reveals it, he or she will probably be living in another country. More often than not, the scammer will say that he or she is working out of the country. The most common scams run through Nigeria. They will tell their victim that they are having trouble cashing the money orders in that country, and will ask a "little favor" of their victim. They ask the victim to cash the money orders, then wire that money to them from the United States. Usually, the scammer will get the money and run, never to speak to their victim again. Then, it's usually found that the money orders were counterfeit, forcing the victim to pay the bank the amount wired, out of their own pocket. This common scam is all over the internet. People are sucked in completely by these professional scammers and often end up with nothing left in their bank accounts.