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Our eHarmony Online Dating Review begins with Dr. Neil Clark Warren, who, as a clinical psychologist, decided to provide a better method to help others find and keep love. As the eHarmony logo states, "Love Begins Here". And for many singles on the online dating scene, it really has. As many as fifteen-million matches are made each day using eHarmony Online Dating. That's each day...

eHarmony Online Dating uses advanced compatibility matching, narrowing down a member's list of potential matches until a smaller list of super-potential matches appears. So how does eHarmony Online Dating accomplish this? According to eHarmony, they know what makes for long-term relationships. Science and research. Analysis of your feelings toward intimacy, conscientiousness, physical intimacy, religious values, social values, affection, and many more catagories that make the you in you.

Obviously, to know so much about you, eHarmony has to ask for your assistance in that regard. This is where tests, questionaires come in. It is serious stuff, and it takes effort and time from new members to complete. But you will notice, other members take this process seriously. And so should you. The more you do, the better results you achieve.

Consider this: eHarmony Dating has roughly seventy-million members from over 200 countries. Narrowing down that incredible field to a smaller, manageable list of high-potential matches in your area, with your ideals and other wants would seem an obvious choice, despite the time and effort required. And the results could be wonderous.

Note also that eHarmony requires its members to complete the information stage of things before they get to browse profiles. And like other sites, verification and validation are important issues at eHarmony. When you register with eHarmony Dating, two choices are offered, Facebook or email address. Either of these acts as verification of who you are.

As far as the subscriptions available on eHarmony, there are three (Lite, Plus, and Extra) and they range from six months to two years in length. And be forwarned, if you want to upgrade on eHarmony, only debit/credit card or Paypal are viable options for payment.

We hope our eHarmony Online Dating Review has been helpful to anyone considering eHarmony as their dating platform. The best way to learn about them is to try eHarmony for a while. Millions of people already have, which is a good indication of what you will find there. Good luck!