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Neil Clark Warren
CEO eHarmony

Neil Clark Warren CEO eHarmony "Marriage is the most important social issue in America today," Dr. Neil Clark Warren stated in 2002. "If you get marriages right, you will change the whole fabric of our society."

Dr. Warren is the CEO and a founder of He is one of America's best known experts on the subject of selecting a mate and his experience includes more than thirty-five years as a clinical psychologist. Thousands of patients owe their growth in relationship issues to his sound counseling. Dr. Warren has made a staggering number of appearances at relationship seminars and has appeared as a relationship expert on many national television and radio programs.

Dr. Warren has also written nine books on love, marriage, and emotional health, including the best selling "Finding the Love of Your Life," which has sold nearly one million copies and has been translated into over ten languages.

Neil Clark Warren of eHarmony speaking at conventionDr. Warren has an undergraduate degree from Pepperdine University, a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in clinical psychology.

The eHarmony signup process is famously time consuming, but it can be completed quickly if you know yourself and know how to write a stellar profile. It includes dozens of persona questions requiring roughly forty-five minutes to complete.

While the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility Questionnaire does ask for identifiers like gender, relationship status, location, ethnicity, religion, and income, it goes way beyond that. To find your perfect match, eHarmony also wants to know what you’re passionate about, how you would describe yourself, how you think friends and family would describe you, what your skills are, and how strongly you agree or disagree with certain statements, among other things.

Neil Clark Warren of eHarmony speaking on the importance of marriage